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Geothermal Frequently Asked Questions

Geothermal FAQ


How will I save money with a Geothermal System?
How much does a Geothermal System cost?
Are there tax incentives for a Geothermal system?
How efficient is a Geothermal Heat Pump?
Can one system provide both heating and cooling for my home? And what about heating hot water?
How does a Geothermal system heat water for my home?
What configurations of the pipe systems can be installed?
What are the environmental and health benefits of Geothermal systems?
How noisy is a Geothermal unit?
How long will my Geothermal system last?
How long will the loop pipe last?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the horizontal and vertical installations, respectively?
Will an earth loop affect my lawn or landscape?
Can these systems be used for commercial, industrial, or apartment requirements?
How are the pipe sections of the loop joined?
What fluid is in the loop?
If the air temperature falls below freezing, will it hurt the system?
What are the components of a geothermal heat pump system?
Is a geothermal heat pump difficult to install?
I have existing ductwork, but will it work with this system?
Where can a Geothermal Unit be installed within my home?
Can a geothermal heat pump be added to my fossil fuel furnace?
Do I need a back-up heat supply?
Can I install an earth loop myself?
Can I reclaim heat from my septic system disposal field?
Can I install a lake loop if I live on a TVA controlled waterway?
Does an open loop system cause environmental damage?
How can I discharge the water when using an open loop system?
With an open loop system, what problems can be caused by poor water quality?
Do soil freezing conditions create any problems?
Are there any laws that apply to loop installations?