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Industrial Process Cooling

Process Cooling for Industrial Applications


Geothermal heating and cooling systems are not just for residential use! 

Heating and cooling of Commercial and Industrial buildings is also accompanied with the ability to use Geothermal in Process Cooling Applications through water-to-water geothermal systems.

Depending on the setup being replaced, our environmentally friendly geothermal process cooling systems use between 75-90% less energy than traditional Freon-based chillers and cost significantly less to maintain. In fact, depending upon the application they may even be cheaper to install than traditional systems.  We provide green cooling options for industrial applications using geothermal energy from ground or city water!

A & C Trades helps our customers with everything from consulting services to turnkey installations of custom-designed geothermal HVAC and process cooling equipment. These applications will reduce your carbon footprint and increase the energy efficiency of your cooling process.

The concept is simple: rather than wasting energy (and precious natural resources) to cool water, which in turn cools machinery, we pump already cold ground water out of the aquifer and/or use the cool temperatures underground to cool the water. We use the cold water to cool products, machinery, and even air-condition buildings and warehouses.  Our systems pump water out of the ground and through heat exchangers and cooling loops to cool the equipment.

The water is then returned to the aquifer in the ground, completely untouched, or recycled through a storage tank and cooled again. There is no risk of contamination to the ground water, and our systems are completely free freon and other nasty CFCs that damage our environment. The geothermal system is incredibly efficient and only pumps the amount of water that is needed. There is no energy wasted, and because we don’t have to use compressors to cool water, our system consumes very little electricity, up to 75% less than a modern, high-efficiency chiller.

The amount of earth space to install geothermal systems is very minimal (much less than most people anticipate).  Our consultants will work with you to determine what area is suitable for our geothermal.


Tax Incentives

As independence from imported energy and energy efficiency in general is a political goal across party lines, there are several grants and tax credits available. Depending on the scope of your project, a significant portion of the installation costs can be recouped via State and Federal Grants and often low interest or no interest loans are a possibility as well.  A & C Trades works with both local and federal authorities to assist you in finding the best way to help finance a geothermal cooling investment. We can help facilitate the process for you, including all application work, in order to maximize your Return On Investment.


Real Life Example

Below is linked a .PDF of an article which was written on a Geothermal Process Cooling System installed in Chicago, IL.  This is not a system we installed, but the article is brief and well written.

To reduce the article to a short statement from the CEO, “Of course, we have drastically reduced our carbon footprint and cleaned up our process significantly, but that’s not the whole story – this makes sense environmentally and economically. We have lowered our costs, which makes us more competitive and increases profitability, which encourages investments, which safeguard the future of our company, our employees and their families. In retrospect, I can’t see how we could have afforded to not install this system.”

Article on Geothermal Process Cooling System