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Radiant Benefits

Radiant Benefits


Clean – Because radiant doesn’t use blowers, it doesn’t circulate dirt, dust, pollutants or allergens throughout the home.

Comfortable – Reaches every corner of the house and even takes the chill out of kitchen, bathroom and basement floors.

Economical – Could reduce your heating bill dramatically and saving energy is good for the environment.

Guaranteed – Our Radiant Heating System is guaranteed for 30 years.

Practical – Radiant floor heating concentrates the heat near the floor where you and your family can benefit from it.

Versatile – Works with any kind of floor covering. Ideal for installations in concrete slabs: lower levels, basements and garages.

Safety – Heated stairs, walkways and driveways provide safe passage over areas that would otherwise be covered in Ice or Snow.

Radiant heating can have a positive effect on the quality of indoor air by facilitating the choice of otherwise perceived cold flooring materials such as tile, slate, terrazzo and concrete. These masonry surfaces typically have very low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) in comparison to other flooring options.  In conjunction with moisture control, Radiant heating also establishes temperature conditions that are less favorable in supporting mold, bacteria, viruses and dust mites. By removing the sensible heating load from the total HVAC load, ventilation, filtration and dehumidification of incoming air can be accomplished with dedicated air systems having less volumetric turnover to mitigate distribution of airborne contaminates. There is recognition from the medical community relating to the benefits of floor heating especially as it relates to allergens.  Therefore, many hospitals and health care facilities have begun Radiant Heating as the sole form of heating.