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Radiant Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Radiant Heat Flooring FAQ


What is radiant floor heating?

What makes radiant floor heating so comfortable?

Our family has allergies. Can a radiant floor heating system help?

How long has Radiant Floor Heating been around?

What if the tubing leaks?

Can the floor get too hot?

We already have a concrete floor in the basement. Is it too late to install a Radiant System?

Is it possible to just heat the ceramic tile floor in our master bath?

Is the same PEX tubing used for both PEX plumbing and radiant floor heating systems?

We’re not ready to make this investment right now. Can we rough the system in for the future?

If I have radiant floor heating, can I still have air conditioning?

Do you offer a warranty?

Can you use Radiant Heat outside?

What temperature and pressure ratings does PEX carry?

What is PEX tubing?

What’s the difference between PEX-a, PEX-b and PEX-c tubing?

Is PEX chlorine-resistant?